Paramount Mixed Martial Arts LLC (Paramount MMA or PMMA) is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion based in Denver, Colorado featuring the best combat sports talent in the Rocky Mountain region. Paramount MMA is owned and operated by former UFC fighter Tony Sims and local attorney Dennis Jackson.

Paramount MMA is a fighter first promotion.  Tony Sims, having fought professionally for more than 8 years, understands fighters are often underappreciated and as a result undervalue themselves.  Not only is Tony in constant contact with local and national gyms looking for up and coming talent, but he also spreads his wealth of knowledge among PMMAs fighters and encourages each to promote and maximize his or her value to a promotion.  
Taking the fighter first motto to the next level, Paramount MMA recently announced a profit-sharing program.  In an unprecedented move, PMMA will reward its fighters by divvying  50% of the profits from each Event and giving it back to the talent.  PMMA hopes this profit sharing concept gives the fighters a real sense of value and encourages self-promotion.  

And while the Paramount MMA changes the fight game, one thing remains unchanged—the talent on display!  UFC® vets Justin Salas, Robert Emerson, Cody Donovan, Jeremy Kimball, Derek Lewis, Drew McFedries, Tony Sims, Brian Camozzi, Tyler Toner, Chris Camozzi, and Nick Roehrick have all fought on one or more of the first six cards.    

Led by Dennis and Tony's’ hands-on approach, Paramount MMA has a bright future.  Management continues to secure national level sponsorships and expects significant growth as a result.  PMMA is looking to continue to push the promotional game with even more creative, non-traditional shows.  The Rocky Mountain region has the talent and Paramount MMA intends to showcase it to the world!